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Staging & Redesign Professional

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Marcia Gloria HSR Certificate - Home Staging & Redesign
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Welcome to Marcia Gloria Staging & Redesign Services...


I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to my passion for Decorating, Staging and Redesign.

I have successfully completed the professional Staging & Redesign program with Home Staging Resource (HSR) and I am eager to provide your home or office with a customized design solution to fit your needs and budget. 

With an extensive background in the industry, I have the knowledge and expertise across a variety of home staging and design disciplines, including:

  • Home Decoration

  • Color Blends

  • Home Fashions 

  • Color Trends

  • Home Decor

  • Home Art & Paintings

  • Complementary Colors

My wide range of abilities, combined with innovative art principles, will provide you with even more value and expertise during the staging and redesign process.

Your happiness and satisfaction is my utmost priority - I'm committed to making your home or office a dream come true and will provide you with excellent customer service and innovative creative solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Looking forward to working with you to stage or redesign your home or office and ultimately attract new buyers to increase your resale value.


Marcia Gloria

HSR Certified

Professional Home Stager & Redesigner

**Proficient in English, Portuguese and Spanish**

Call for a Consultation Today:


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