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Welcome to Marcia Gloria Staging & Redesign for Real Estate Agents & Brokers. 

  • We Listen! We focus first on how we can benefit your business and help you get more listings by making you (and the homes you list) look amazing! 

  • Partner Pricing! We even have pre-paid, volume, discount pricing for those agents who have several listings. 

  • Accredited and Certified! Certification and credibility matter to your sellers, so they know when we make a recommendation, it's in their best interest. 

  • Beautiful Photo-Filled Reports! We offer the best client action plan in the business, so you look professional and there's no mistaking what needs to be done to the home. 

  • Educational Hand-outs! Since we know you may have the "sell-in" the idea of staging, we offer easy to understand, statistics and materials you can use to educate them on the staging process.

Marcia Gloria

HSR Certified

Professional Home Stager & Redesigner

**Proficient in English, Portuguese and Spanish**

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